The Learning Zone – a resource rich environment designed to enhance students’ self-directed learning skills.

The Learning Zone is open Monday – Friday 9.00am-21.00pm.

Located within Clinical Skills – access to The Learning Zone is via B Block of Waterhouse Building (see video below) and all students have access via their swipe card.
This is a link to the School’s Booking System, where Student Doctors can book a seat in the Clinical Skills Learning Zone. This room is available for self-directed student study. Use of The Learning Zone is currently only permitted through pre-booking a seat. Please note: your ‘seat’ number is for booking purposes only, once in the Learning Zone you are free to practice all available skills

With resources for over 25 skills available there is something for everyone – no matter what your year of training.

Take a look at just a small a selection of  the skills available below.

Airway management

Child growth




Apps to support your learning