If you cannot attend, due to exceptional circumstances, please notify the department on 0151 794 8242 or email clinicalskills@liverpool.ac.uk

If you have an illness that may affect your performance whilst in clinical skills please tell a tutor. If deemed necessary we will ask your permission to share this information with all the staff here.

Download the absence and lateness policy here


Teaching starts at: 10.00, 13.00, 14.00 or 15.00 hours

Sessions begin promptly at the allocated time on your timetable.

If a lecture precedes your session, please ensure that you arrive on time to the clinical skills teaching and learning centre. If you have a lecture following your clinical skills session, please inform a clinical skills tutor, to ensure that you arrive on time for your lecture.

If students are late then the following rules will apply;

  • The 1st time a student is late (up to 5 minutes late*), the student will be given a final warning, be asked to sign the late book, but will be allowed into the session.
  • If the student is late for any consequent timetabled sessions, and late by 1 second or more, the student will not be allowed into the session, they will be marked as absent & no alternative session will be offered.
  • * Any student arriving 5 or more minutes late will not be allowed in & will be marked as absent. This is irrespective of whether this is the 1st offence or not.
  • Repeated lateness or missed sessions will be recorded and sent to the MBChB office and your year curriculum lead.

Download the absence and lateness policy here


Please treat peers, staff, patients, and manikins with respect. Please read and abide with the “Uniform Policy”.

Failure to adhere to any policy will result in;

  • An initial verbal warning
  • Subsequent breaches of policy, or gross failure to conform will result in a professionalism form being sent to the year curriculum lead.

Download the professional appearance policy here

Download the peer to peer examination and observed policy here


Clinical skills teaching session; You will be required to buzz into the clinical skills building using the ground floor buzzer for teaching, or the 2nd floor buzzer for other enquiries.

The Learning Zone; You will be given swipe card access to the Learning Zone, between 8:30 am and 4:00pm (excluding bank holidays and non-working days), this is accessed from the Waterhouse.

Toilets; Toilets downstairs are in the Mill Road room, re-entry code is 2468, this is displayed on the door in the Mill Road room.

The toilets upstairs are as you walk in on the right, outside the Oxford room.

Download the Zappar poster here

Download the directions poster here


  • An intermittent alarm means there is a fire close by, there is no need to evacuate yet.
  • A continuous alarm means evacuate immediately.
  • Please keep calm and leave via a fire exit, follow staff to the assembly point for roll call.

Call 2222 or 0151 794 2222 (security for all emergencies)


Unless students send notification to the clinical skills teaching and learning centre via email at clinicalskills@liverpool.ac.uk to remove themselves from the list. It is assumed that all students understand and consent to the following;

Consent for images and recordings

  • I, the undersigned, consent to the use of my words, image, image of my work or recordings of my voice being used for educational purposes only and that copyright will reside with the Clinical Skills Teaching and Learning Centre of the University of Liverpool.
  • I acknowledge that the quote, image or recording may also be used in, and distributed by, media pertaining to Clinical Skills Teaching and Learning Centre activities other than a printed publication, such as, but not limited to, CD-ROM or e-learning platform.
  • Images and recordings may not be edited, amended or re-used without prior permission from the Clinical Skills Teaching and Learning Centre.


The clinical skills staff must be informed via email at clinicalskills@liverpool.ac.uk if any student has an allergy or condition that may affect their practice in clinical skills. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the clinical skills team, if staff are not notified, it will be assumed that the student has neither.

Please consider any allergy or condition that may affect your ability to take part in clinical skills activities, (eg; latex/ alcohol allergy)

Download the introduction to the department study guide here